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Standpoint Media was established in 2007 as a full service media agency. Skilled professionals with many years of experience in media buying, planning and communication, stand behind the agency. Our Vision for first in class service is built around a long-term platform of customized and constantly evolving sustainable ideas, using the full range of standard broad-base channels and the innovative media, available on the market. Standpoint Media is cooperating DIRECTLY with all type of media vehicles on the Bulgarian market. In 2014 we have established affiliated agency in Macedonia. As of 2015 we also have full service digital agency – DigitalPoint.

How We Work

We stand out from the others for our Vision & Values:

First Class

First Class service – fast but profound, based on deep knowledge of the task and driven by client’s need and goals


Trusted professionals with wide background in media, marketing and economics, result oriented


We deliver effective business solutions, at optimal cost and within the given time frame


We value modern thinking, approach and solutions


Who We Are

Educated, reliable, experienced, open-minded, friendly and eager to explore

We are TEAM of young professionals eager to share knowledge, ideas and financial results.

We all have sufficient work experience in advertising and media agencies, as well as international clients from different sectors – this helps us to understand the market, the brands, the marketing and financial needs.

Career development is constantly encouraged and more over supported through different international and local seminars and work groups – thus we are one step ahead of business requirements and customer demands.

We are down-to-earth but also live and share the new values – creativity, modernity and the odd perspective.

Ploutarchos Maridakis – Managing Director
Economist by diploma, media guru by experience; 20 years’ professionalism and profound business analyst on Bulgarian advertising market

Denitsa Yordanova – Senior Media Planner
Young journalist with special attitude to social media and PR – already acknowledged expert in strategic planning

Plamen Valkov – Media Planner
Marketing and social media expert, primarily experienced in the field of TV and communications.


We Are Here For You

360° targeted support for your Business and Product to reach its Consumer, measured by RESULTS, with the minimum cost!

serviceData Analysis on the Bulgarian Media Market

During the exploration stage we would provide our Customer with a comprehensive market research and situation analysis. It includes general data about media, as well as specific knowledge within certain category.

serviceCompetitors Analysis

Long-term picture of the competitive environment, target group profound knowledge and specific touch points with media channels, media consumption.

serviceStrategic Media Planning

Together with the Client’s short- and long-term goals of market position and penetration, awareness and profit, as well as available budget, we will further build the best-fitting strategy proposal. It will take into consideration both creative and traditional media solutions.

serviceMonitoring and Evaluation

Using all available media tools, we deliver comprehensive post buy analysis together with recommendations for further activities.

Our Work

Some Clients from recent years

We have worked with big diversity of clients – different categories, market leaders as well as newcomers, local and international ones. Throughout the last 9 years we have proven to be reliable partner for every one of them. We work in close collaboration with the Client, this is why we already recorded several participations on local and international media festivals.

In 2013 we won the EFFIE gold award for the product category for Huligan.

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Our Skills

Our Main Skills

Two generations professionals, we are fully devoted to both hard-working and fun. Having the necessary experience behind, we can easily combine the tough deadlines with after-work rest / family program. Strategic thinking during the day easily transforms into relax strategy for the evening.

This is why we are on 100% dedicated to work but also another 100% to fun!


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